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The director of Vehicle Inspection Services Mr. Akin George Fashola have reiterated that Vehicle Inspection Agency remains only authorized agency to issues roadworthiness in the state.

He disclosed this during a radio programme on Traffic Radio 96.1 FM known as “Your Side Mirror with MVAA” recently. According to him, there is no Agency given the mandate to issue roadworthiness to the vehicle in Lagos state, saying its agency have Twenty-Three computerize Centres across the State where the people could take their vehicle to, for testing and to make sure that they meet with the minimum safety standard in order to be driven in Lagos roads.

Fashola said that the new trend of obtaining roadworthiness now will require that the  car owners bring their vehicle for the test that involves series of practices such as  check for suspension with break efficiency, steering  efficiency, the headlight is pointing to the right direction, checking of wipers, indicator light and pointer etc.

He allay the fear of impounding any vehicle that failed to meet the minimum requirements safety standard saying the Vehicle inspection will not impound any vehicle but the owner will not be given roadworthiness certificate until all the necessary fixing is done on the vehicle. “The primary mandate for the Vehicle Inspection service is to make sure that the vehicle that ply Lagos road are in good shape and fit” he said.

Fashola said that the relationship between its agency and MVAA has been so fantastic, the agencies have been collaborating in so many ways. For instance, if an applicant is registering his or her new car or wanted to do transfer of vehicle from one person to other, Vis will check the vehicle whether there is hindrance in term of numbers violation or police case, any issue on Chassis number to verify and authenticate the nature of the vehicle.

He also stated that to obtain the driver’s license, the arrangement is tripartite in nature, because it involves MVAA, VIS and FRSC affirmed that the process start with the MVAA and end with MVAA. According to him, if you want to obtain your driver’s license, you will first register with MVAA, when they cleared the applicant, the next step is VIS who will test and certify that the applicant are qualify and capable of operating any classification of vehicle on the roads.

He explaining further that the test take place mostly for the new applicant, stated that the new applicant would visit MVAA, register their interest and bring all the necessary papers, make payment and come to VIS to be administered Computer Base Test that comprises 40 questions in numbers within 30 minutes, successful applicant that pass the test would be allowed to participating in practical test before issuing of the driver’s license.

Fashola implored the applicant who want to obtain their driver’s license to always desist from patronizing touts, according to him, applicant should always patronize our officers in various Centre across the state to pay normal fees, but when they are making payment through the touts or unknown person, they would be swing. He said.

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